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Because when you give grass an inch, it takes a yard.

Are leaves, grass clippings, branches and other yard waste accumulating in your yard? Our yard waste collection experts make it easy for you to keep your property clear of debris.

We offer weekly residential curbside yard waste pickup from April through November in Grand Rapids and throughout West Michigan.

As an EverKept customer you can place your yard waste in a 96-gallon plastic cart on wheels provided by EverKept. Additional yard waste can be bagged in paper yard waste bags and simply placed behind your yard waste cart for pickup (**additional charge for more than 6 bags extra per week).


  • Weekly pickup
  • Included 96-gallon plastic cart with wheels
  • Place cart at road by 6am on trash day, within 2 feet of the curb, 2 feet from other carts
  • Additional waste bagged in paper and placed behind cart (extra charge for more than 6 bags a week)
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Common Yard Waste Questions

  1. How many bags of Yard Waste can be set out each week?

    We can take up to 6 extra paper lawn & leaf bags for no extra charge each week.

  2. What kind of bags can be used for Yard Waste?

    Paper yard waste bags only - NO plastic.

  3. When does Yard Waste collection start and end each year?

    Yard Waste collection starts April 1st and goes to November 30th each year.

  4. What do I do with the Yard Waste cart from December - March?

    Keep the yard waste cart at your home from December - March so that you can start service up again April 1st.

  5. How to dispose of Yard Waste if I don’t have weekly Yard Waste service?

    Call us at 616-669-2047 to schedule a special pick up (charge would apply) or contact us about scheduling a drop off at one of our scheduled drop off times/locations.

Let’s be good to our earth. No plastic bags, trash, or sticks big enough to maim a large animal (i.e. bigger than your bin). Thanks for keeping it green.