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The EverKept story.

Companies start in garages, basements, boardrooms. Ours started in the weeds. When you’re two entrepreneurial brothers running a lawn mowing business, you start to have dreams of bigger and better things. Y’know- things like garbage. So we earned our degrees from Calvin College and, like we tell everybody, promptly put them to waste. That was over 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve learned a lot. Like what matters most to us: satisfied customers.

We’ve also learned what we need to value in order to keep that priority the top priority for our team. It boils down to four things:

  1. Consistency—you’re known for what you do regularly, not what you did once.
  2. Results—The world is built on action, not intention.
  3. Initiative—Be a company of “I got it!”s.
  4. Honesty—Own each day’s faults and victories in ways that always inform and assist the customer.

You’ll find those objectives driving our team on routes throughout West Michigan, where we remove waste so your home and company stay clean.

While we always take those routes and our customers seriously, we like not taking ourselves that way. The last 20 years tell us that model works well.

As to the next 20 years, we see every day as a clean start to do what our customers need: sustainably serve West Michigan and have a little fun picking up garbage.