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It’s like stamp collecting, except you’re a better person.

We make it easy for you to be environmentally friendly. At EverKept, our no-sort, single-cart Grand Rapids recycling program helps you to clean up our planet — one bottle, can, bag or newspaper at a time.

Simply place your recyclable plastic, paper, glass or metal items in your EverKept recycling cart, and we will do the rest.

Grand Rapids curbside recycling collection occurs every other week on your trash collection day, and includes a 96-gallon plastic cart on wheels. Your recycling cart even comes with a yellow lid to help you keep sorting straight.


  • Pickup every other week
  • Included 96-gallon plastic cart with wheels
  • Place cart at road by 6am on trash day, within 2 feet of the curb, 2 feet from other carts
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    Cool kids recycle by following these schedules and rules. Be a cool kid.

    Red Schedule Green Schedule Recycling Rules

    Get an automatic text alert the night before your recycle day as a reminder. Simply text ekd. and your pick up day with the color of your recycle schedule to: 292929. Example: ekd.wednesdaygreen or ekd.wednesdayred