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Isn't it great when all the details are in just one place?

Here are some of the questions we receive most often about trash collection, billing and yard waste. If something else is on your mind, we would like to take care of that too. Just contact us.


We update our homepage with alerts before every schedule change, so you can always check there for updates. All collection days will be delayed by one day following a holiday. That means Friday routes will be picked up on Saturday.

The 6 holidays we observe are:


Holidays we DON'T delay for are:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
Columbus Day
Veterans Day

Other Common Trash Collection Questions

  1. How do I dispose of paint - latex and oil base?

    For disposing of latex paint, we ask that it be emptied or dried out before placing in the cart. The paint can be dried out using kitty litter or sawdust.

    Oil based paints are considered a hazardous waste material. To dispose, you must take those paints to a hazardous waste facility:

    Kent County Hazardous Waste

    Ottawa County Hazardous Waste

  2. How do I dispose of large item like a couch or TV?

    We are happy to dispose of large items for you. Charges vary based on the type of item. To schedule a bulk item collection, call us at 616-669-2047 or contact us.

  3. Is there a charge for Christmas tree pickup?

    There is a $10 charge for a Christmas tree pick up, when you are ready to take down your decorations, cut your tree in half and place behind your cart to be taken on your pickup day.

  4. What time will my trash or recycle be picked up?

    Our drivers start as early as 6:00am, to ensure your trash or recycle will be picked up please have your cart at the street the night before or by 6:00am.

  5. How should I set my cart out?
    • Set your cart out so that the lid opens up to the road. Arrows on the cart lid should point to the road.
    • If you set more than one cart out each week, please make sure there is room enough to stand between them.
    • Set your cart(s) 2 feet from the road (or closer), and set your cart 3 feet from mailboxes, poles and other immovable objects.
  6. What is my recycling schedule?

    Recycle schedules are available on the recycling page. If you don't know your recycling color, email us.

  7. Recycle Text Alerts. Get an automatic text alert the night before your recycle day as a reminder. Simply text your pick up day and the color of your recycle schedule to 292929. Expample: WednesdayGreen or WednesdayRed.

  8. Does EverKept accept electronics for recycling?

    EverKept does not currently accept electronics for recycling. To find an electronics recycling location near you, please refer your county for different dropoff locations:

    Kent County Department of Public Works

    Ottawa County’s Department of Public Works

  9. Do you offer incentives for referring customers?

    Why, thank you. Yes, if you refer someone who signs up for service, you will receive a $10.00 credit on your account.

  10. How does EverKept get involved in the community?

    EverKept takes pride in our community participation - you can find us at many community parades or local events.

Common Billing Questions

  1. Where is my invoice number?

    Your invoice number is located on the left hand side of your bill towards the top.

  2. When is my bill due?

    Most residential customers are billed quarterly. Commercial customers are billed monthly. Payments are due on the 21st of the month prior to your next billing cycle. (For example, payment is due April 21 for the MAY-JUNE-JULY billing cycle).

  3. Why are there three monthly charges on my bill?

    Residential customers are all billed on a quarterly basis. Each charge is for a separate month. (For example, bills due December 21 will include charges for January, February and March.)

  4. What is the bulk item charge on my bill for?

    You may see BULK ITEM CHARGE on your invoice. These charges refer to items that don’t fit in your bags or curby cart, such as appliances (large bulk), furniture (large bulk), microwaves (small bulk) or shop vacs (small bulk). Collection of these items is not included in your monthly charge for trash collection. If you believe this charge was made in error, please contact us.

  5. Why is there a an extra bag charge on my bill?

    Residential customers have a limit on how many bags of trash they can put out each week. Whenever you set out more bags than your service includes, you will see a small charge for each bag. If you’re unsure of how many bags you’re allowed to set out or feel you have been incorrectly charged, please contact us.

Common Yard Waste Questions

  1. How many bags of Yard Waste can be set out each week?

    We can take up to 6 extra paper lawn & leaf bags for no extra charge each week.

  2. What kind of bags can be used for Yard Waste?

    Paper yard waste bags only - NO plastic.

  3. When does Yard Waste collection start and end each year?

    Yard Waste collection starts April 1st and goes to November 30th each year.

  4. What do I do with the Yard Waste cart from December - March?

    Keep the yard waste cart at your home from December - March so that you can start service up again April 1st.

  5. How to dispose of Yard Waste if I don’t have weekly Yard Waste service?

    Call us at 616-669-2047 to schedule a special pick up (charge would apply) or contact us about scheduling a drop off at one of our scheduled drop off times/locations.