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We never waste a dollar.

The easiest way to take care of payment is online, which you can do right now below. However, we offer a lot of options so you can give us your money how you like.

Pay Online

Find your invoice & customer # and then pay your current invoice. You can also sign up for auto pay. Watch a quick video on how to sign up: Register

Pay by Check

Make payable to: EverKept

PO Box 964, Georgetown, MI 49429

Include Invoice # in the memo field

Pay by Phone

Call us at 616-669-2047 and we’ll take care of everything. Payment by phone includes a processing fee.

Late Payments

Payments received after the stated due date will result in disrupted service. We are unable to continue servicing accounts that are not paid in full. Late payments must be received in our office one day before your pickup day to avoid disruption in service. Payments are received Monday through Friday.

Payment Reminders

Need a reminder when payment is due to avoid late payments and disrupted service? We will send you a text message reminder. Just text ekd to 292929. Easy.

Service Disruption

If your service has been disrupted due to nonpayment and you would like your trash collected, please call our office and we will send a driver back for a $30.00 fee.