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Protect the earth

Grand Rapids Recycling

Grand Rapids Recycling Collection

Everkept makes it easy for you to be environmentally friendly! At EverKept, our no-sort, single-cart Grand Rapids recycling program makes it simple and easy for you to help clean up our planet — one bottle, can, bag or newspaper at a time.

Recycling does not have to be time consuming and inconvenient. Simply place your recyclable plastic, paper, glass or metal items in your EverKept recycling cart and we will do the rest.

Grand Rapids curbside recycling collection occurs every other week on your trash collection day, and includes a 96-gallon plastic cart on wheels. Your recycling cart even comes with a yellow lid to make sorting your trash and recyclable materials even more convenient.

  • Do's

    Things to do
    • Use the EverKept recycling cart
    • Place cart at the curb by 6 am
    • Put cart within 2 ft. of the curb
    Acceptable Items
  • Pickup Schedule

    Residential Curbside schedule
    • Recycling picked up every other week
    • Leave 2 ft. between all carts
    • Do NOT put recycling in plastic bags
    Red Schedule Green Schedule
  • Don'ts

    Things not to do
    • Don't add trash to your recycling
    • Don't include items larger than cart
    • Don't put recycling in plastic bags
    Unacceptable Items
  • Paper Recycling

    Things to Remember
    • Newspaper, junk mail, food packaging
    • NO paper that has had contact with food
    • NO paper towel, NO wax coated cardboard
    Approved Papers
  • Plastic Recycling

    Things to Remember
    • Items stamped 1-7 on the bottom
    • Please rinse, clean and flatten
    • NO plastic bags or Styrofoam
    Approved Plastics
  • Metal Recycling

    Things to Remember
    • Metal items that fit into the recycle cart only.
    • Please rinse, clean and flatten.
    • NO wires or batteries
    Approved Metals
  • Glass Recycling

    Things to Remember
    • Food containers only.
    • Please rinse, clean and remove lids.
    • NO windows, light bulbs, vases or ceramics.
    Approved Glass

Call EverKept Today

If you would like more information about EverKept’s Grand Rapids recycling services or becoming an EverKept customer, please contact us here or call our office directly at 616.669.2047.

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